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Our Story

Everything you’ll find here is custom made with 100% satisfaction and 100% quality guaranteed.

Origin Of The Brand

Conceived at the Fashion Conference in 2015, the brand was named Urban Alley by its co-founders. After years of development, it is currently managed by a large team of outstanding T-shirt, phone cases, jewelry and accessory designers. Ever since the early days of the brand, it has adopted the core ideal of “creating affordable and fashionable accessories”. The brand rapidly responds to global fashion design trends, and its customized products follow them closely, taking into consideration popularity, quality, and reasonable pricing, quickly catching the attention of many male and female consumers.

Product Design

Its products adopt the bold and open American design ideal, with an emphasis on lines and colors. We use geometric marks or symbols to design modern style, integrating forms and woven textures to redefine the classic aesthetics of the brand. It combines radiance, energy, and imagination, blending evocative contents and quality materials. Urban Alley aspires to a fashionable aesthetic and the spirit of craftsmanship, all to provide customers with beautifully products.

Our Team

The company has many designers of the new generation as well as buyers globally. The brand has four creative centers that track fashion trends and elements in four regions: Europe, Japan / South Korea, Hong Kong / Taiwan, and the United States. They frequently appear at various conferences or areas of production to develop new product lines incorporating the latest design trends and sense of fashion. They work together to research and analyze possible styles, colors, and materials, assess costs and consumer demand, weighing these factors to decide on a final product, ensuring that the best products can be offered at affordable prices.